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2001 996 Turbo clutch


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.8; Total Mileage: 33.480;

Have you recieved any reports of 2001 Turbos wearing out the clutch in less than 35K miles. The local shop has told me that they have installed three new cluthches in 2001 Turbos in the last few month. I was wondering as these care get more milage on them if this will be considered normal wear. The car is my daily driver and the clutch went from inguaging fine to almost undrivable in three days. The local shop says they drove the car and they have not had a car in the job in a long time with a clutch burned up as much as this one. I am a concertive driver and never slip the clutch from a standing start. I am like every other Turbo driver after the car starts moving I give it lots of gas. Eveyone tells me tha the 996 Turbo is a very well built motor, could the transmission be weak link.

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