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2001 Boxster 2.7 - Oil leak from head gasket


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (type, size, modifications): 2.7 stock; Total Mileage: 35,500; Transmission: Manual;

Scott - I asked this a while ago and never heard back, so figured it got lost. Anyway, here goes again...Last fall at a PCA tech session, the mechanic found several oil leaks (RMS, others) that my own dealer subsequently fixed under warranty (RMS, ISS, valve covers, cracked oil filler tube). Two months ago I had the car serviced (right at the end of the 4 year warranty) and my dealer said there were no oil leaks. Last month my local PCA had another tech session like in the fall, and the mechanic there pointed out what looked like one of the same leaks as the fall.I took the car back to my own dealer, and got a call back that the head gasket (bank 1-3, right side) was causing the external oil leak. No oil / coolant mixing. My check engine light never came on. No oil drops visible on the ground. I know all about RMS leaks, but haven't heard about head gaskets causing visible oil leaks. Does this sound right? The dealer said he hasn't seen this before, but Porsche has replacement head gaskets. They only replaced the head gasket on the side that's leaking.I heard from one guy from one of the Boxster boards he had a similar problem - oil leaking from head gasket to outside the engine casing. He got a new engine from Porsche after a few tries at fixing didn't solve the problem.Is there anything else I should have had the dealer check? Now that it's been fixed, any thoughts on chance of recurrence or long-term consequences? Is this something I should be worried about? Porsche picked up the tab for this repair, but no idea who they will respond if this happens again in the futureAs always, thanks for your valuable insights.

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