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2001 Boxster S Handling


Vehicle Information: Year: 2001; Engine (type, size, modifications): Standard S with Sport Package; Total Mileage: 33000; Transmission: Manual;

Steering and handling of my car has been very "Jumpy", difficult to handle, and a workout to keep it going in a straight line at low speeds.The dealer aligned the front and back end. When I drove away the problem was still there. They took the car back in and claimed to have checked the alignment a second time (for free). However, the issue remained and their excuse was that the front tires had a small amount of uneven wear on the inside edge. Having worked in the manufacturing of tires for 17 years, I am somewhat qualified to say that the uneven ware was negligible and not enough to cause the issues at hand. Now, 3000 miles later, the wear issue with the tires is gone (not detectable by eye or hand), but the handling is worse.I now plan to take the car to a performance shop (as the warranty is up). What settings and/or conditions should I ask them to look for when I give the car to them? Thanks for your help in advance - I am looking forward to enjoying my car once again!Total Mileage: 33000

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