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2002 3.6 oil consumption and oil change


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 w/ X50 Power Option; Total Mileage: 500 mis;

My friend and I each purchased 2002 Turbos with the X50 power option. My first question concerns the oil consumption. Both cars have used approximately 2 quarts of oil in the first 500 miles. The cars are on break in, we don't go past 4,200 rpm, they are warmed up before any high speed driving but due to the roads here at least half of the miles are above 100mph and up to 150mph (still just at the 4,000 rpm limit). Is this oil consumption normal?The second question regards oil change. I would like to change the oil way before the 15,000 mile first service. Our closest dealer is 500 miles away. Can I change it myself (provided I use the proper Mobil 1 oil and Porsche oil filters)? What is the proper procedure for changing the oil? Are there any special techniques such as priming the engine after the oil change?

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