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2002 911 Oil consumption change


Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 32000;

I got my 2002 911 in 10/04, with 2200 miles on it. Between then and now (11/06), I've driven it to 32,223 miles, or just about exactly 30k miles in 2 years.When I first got it, I was burning approximately a liter of oil every 1400-1600 miles. Since the late spring/early summer of this year (i.e., since the commencement of the driving season this year ie: daily driver/DE/Auto-x), the burn rate has increased to about 1 liter every 700 miles, on average. I had the car in for its 30k check-up on 10/07/06, without any noted problems.Porsche officially states that oil consumption is "normal" up to about 1 liter every 600 miles, so I haven't reached their official level of concern for burn rate.Nevertheless, I am concerned about the decline in range this season between top-offs. Before I bring it to the dealer to have them check out what's going on, I thought I would ask some others.

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