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2002 996 ABS and engine rev's


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 19,400;

Here's another one I can't find in your archives.Today, I was clipping along at about 40 MPH setting up for a 90 degree right turn. I down shifted to 2nd and just as I got to the corner, an ambulance entered the intersection with sporting lights and siren. I went to the brakes, hard, and just as the car went into ABS mode,I pushed in the clutch to keep the engine from stalling. At this time, the engine revved up to about 4,000+ RPM's and slowly returned to idle.I used my right foot to apply the brakes and my heel wasn't on the accelerator.I was able to duplicate the problem, any suggestions or do I need to go see my friendly dealer???

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