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2002 996 Alignment will not come in specs after lowering

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 911; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 13600;

I sent this earlier but the website kicked me out after I click sent. I hope its not duplicated.I lowered the car by an inch with H&R 59213 Spring and Bilstein Sports Shocks.I took it to a Porsche Service Center yesterday. I just want a pure street driving spec. Knowing the real good technician there, he gave me a heads up that the camber might not come within specs but hell adjust them as far as he can. Sure enough, the results are not within spec. My question, I guess its more of second opinion request, Is that really true? The adjustment lug nuts will not go as far as to bring it to spec? The wheels which came in with the car are OEM Porsche 18 Sports Design. Will wheels with mid section offset(lip on the out board) bring the camber within spec?Thank you for your dedicated hard work in PCA.LEFT FRONTCAMBERSPEC -0.3 TO 0.3ACTUAL -0.3 (MARGINAL)CASTERSPEC 7.5 TO 8.5ACTUAL 8.6 (OUT)TOESPEC 0.00 TO 0.08ACTUAL 0.00 (OK)RIGHT FRONTCAMBERSPEC -0.3 TO 0.3ACTUAL -0.6 (OUT)CASTERSPEC 7.5 TO 8.5ACTUAL 7.8 (OK)TOESPEC 0.00 TO 0.08ACTUAL 0.02 (OK)LEFT REARCAMBERSPEC -1.4 TO -0.9ACTUAL -1.7 (OUT)TOESPEC 0.00 TO 0.08ACTUAL 0.12 (OK)RIGHT REARCAMBERSPEC -1.4 TO -0.9ACTUAL -2.1 (OUT)TOESPEC 0.00 TO 0.08ACTUAL 0.13 (OK)Region: FSRModifications: H&R 59213 Springs and Bilstein Sports ShocksTotal Mileage: 13600Car Use: Street use only

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