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2002 996 Brake cooling


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 18500;

I am having some fade problems mid to late in track sessions. I am using the Tequipment performance pads and generally braking is adequate on the track except when the system doesn't have the recovery time to norm temps. My rotors are starting the cracking process and it is clear that new rotors and pads will needed soon. My first thought was to use larger rotors and keep the current calipers as a method of adding a larger heat sink. Can this be done just order a larger diameter rotor and install with existing calipers and so forth? Also I hear conflicting info regarding the "Big Reds" it seems that they will fit but one will have to install certain spindles for proper installation. Is this correct? Lastly as the brakes do stop the car fine in most situations I thought adding cooling ducts would be practical solution. It seems though that one would need the GT-3 bumper cover in order to do this which isn't all bad! In your judgement would the cooling addition be the most reasonable or that upgrading to the big reds(if possible) is going to solve the problem more completely the car spends a good deal of its life on the track and is driven in a much more relaxed fashion on the street.

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