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2002 996 C4S Accessing rear shock upper mounts in C4S with Bose

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: C4S; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 29,000;

Hi Joel:I tried to submit this questions a couple minutes ago but don't think it went through. If if did, just ignore this one. A couple days ago a member asked about adjusting the rear shocks on his PSS9 Bilsteins. I had PSS9s installed on my 2002 C4S a couple months ago and can say that the adjustment knobs for the rear shocks are on the top of the shocks, not the bottom. The adjustment knobs for the front shocks are on the bottom.Also, I have read the questions and your answers about whether you can get more horsepower from the K&N air intake. I thought it would be fun to see what K&N's tech support said about it, so I e-mailed them. There answer was that they would "guarantee" a 23.8 horsepower increas for a 996! Here is my e-mai and their response.Hi:Your information on the Series 63-7000 air intake for 1999 to 2005 Porsche 911 Carreras with the 3.4 litter or 3.6 liter engine claims a 23.8 hp increase from installing the K&N air intake and filter. Your dyno information says that you did two pulls on a chassis dyno, the first before installing the K&N intake and filter and the second pull after installing it. I have read that when you do two dyno pulls in a row on a chassis dyno you will normally show a relatively big hp increase on the second pull due to the gear oil warming up, which translates to less resistance through the transmission. Is that true, and if so how much power increase is attributable to the air intake and how much to the gear oil warming up, etc.? Also, if the gear oil warm up makes a difference, did you do anything to account for this when you tested the Series 63-7000 on the Porsche used in your dyno pulls? By the way, do you ever run the tests on the dyno the other way around, with the first pull with the K&N product installed and the second pull without it?Thanks.Hello,Thank you for your interest in K&N products. Each system designed for a vehicle under goes extensive testing. From meeting or exceeding factory filtration, designing a system that will not cause a CEL (Check Engine Light), to increase performance. The testing that is performed is performed on a series of vehicle to work within different computer programming for each specific vehicle. We do not simply pull (or complete) a dyno run and produce numbers. Maybe dyno pulls are done, even on different Porsche 911 to make sure one will not product less then other or vice versa. Gear oil will not affect the horsepower numbers produced by K&N. We guarantee that you will see 23.8 horsepower increase to the rear wheels. If you have any further questions please call our Customer Support at 1(800)858-3333. Have a great day.Thomas WaldenTechnical SupportThomasW@KNFilters.comJoel, thanks for all your work answering the tech questions, which is one of the best reasons to be a PCA member.

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