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2002 996 C4S Day Time Headlamps

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C4S; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 18000km;

I have read the Q/As about this topic especially the one of 2/3/2003 regarding my exact car model and concern. The reason people who have this "feature" may want to get rid of it is likely because unlike other daytime running options, where the headlights only are on high beam are run about half intensity, the double wide relay unit in my car simply turns all lighting on all the time including tail lights and plate light while the engine is running . The only choices I appear to have are whether I want instrument lights on or off. With all of the smart and logical electrical actions that are programmed to take place this seems dumb and energy draining. I have removed the relay and indeed as described the plate light does not work and high beam is not full bright. Even at this I prefer to run without the relay. I have an electronics background and I am sure I could make it work the way I want it if I had a schematic. Upon opening the control module I find there are 4 relays and a some active components so it not so easy for me to guess whats going on. Without buying an expensive service manual, any idea where I could find a schematic? I absolutely love this car and this is the only quirk that bugs me about it. I would like the light behavior to be selectable by me with the switches provided just like it was originally designed. Eventually I will be pulled over for my lack of rear plate light. Your advice would be appreciated.

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