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2002 996 C4S -- Part 3

Car Purchase

Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C4S; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 33200;

Hi Joel,You had suggested that I keep this forum updated on this thread Well, based on my research and our conversations, I decided to purchase the 2002 Black 996 C4S. So far I have only had a few basics done: 30k service (had not yet been done!), had the brakes flushed, new pads, oil & filter change, seat rails moved back ( so I fit) and a general clean-up. Nothing obviously looks amiss, but I have only had it a week, and it has not been pushed yet. We shall see soon enough.You had asked about the parts used in the RMS repair I have attached a copy of that section of the most recent repair record. I noticed that there is a 997 prefix to the part shaft sealing ring, is that the new seal that is supposed to mitigate the problem ( and if so, I see the same part number on the RMS repair from 13 months ago)? I cannot find any indication of the go/nogo meter reading from either of the repair records I have. Is this something they will have a record of and will they give it to me?I have been told that this repair procedure had been done 4 times ( I have records of 2) without (apparently) solving the problem. When does it become time to say Ok guys, youve done this 4 times, maybe its time to yank the engine? Is it all dependant on the meter reading? If this leak starts up again, what do you think is the most sensible way to approach the problem, the dealer/PCNA, in order to solve this issue? OK, I am over my question limit!As, always thank you for your assistance and insight.Best regards,pbd

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