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2002 996 engine failure


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 14500;

Well, it has happened. Three weeks ago the engine in my 02 996 C2 failed. I was driving back from the store (it was not particularly hard driving...) when there was a bang and then the sound of metal seemly flying around in the back of the vehicle. I thought at first it was the tranny. The dealer service advisor said it was a secondary shaft (???) inside the engine. They replaced the failed engine with a "new" one in less then three days. Fairly impressive I must say. Everything seems fine for now. I am doing the 2,000 mile "break-in" routine. Now comes the key issue which no one at the dealership, or PCNA for that matter has addressed; I am demanding that PCNA warranty the replacement engine for FOUR years. That's what I paid for when I purchased the car new. I have not heard back from the dealer service manager after I sent a formal letter requesting said same. My question to you and any other PCA members out there is have anyone had the same engine failure experience, and if so, what warranty has been extended on the replacement engine. I don't think I am off base here and believe that my requirement for four years warranty coverage on the new engine is really reasonable given the fact that my trust in the reliability of the 996 Porsche engine is now history.

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