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2002 996 oil separator


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 45,0000;

Joel,if you get multiples, sorry having a problem with PCA site A bit of background, I am an engineer and do all my own work. I have a lot of racing experience and drive hard on the track. I have been off the track for awhile and have a lot of experience with the 2.4-3.2 911 engines. I wanted to get back into DE and recently purchased a 02 996. I have a 99 cab so I am familiar with the limitation of the cheaper 996 engines. However, I was attracted to the superior chassis of the 996s, particularly the 02 (and the price). The car has 45k miles.I modified the car with PSS10s, sways, better brakes and Michelin cups. I had my first DE in the car this weekend and my concerns with the engines were confirmed. After I really started to drive the car hard I started getting the oil in the intake problem with smoking and oil around the air cleaner and smoke at startup. A dealer tech at the track suggested letting the car idle after coming into the pits .It seems the oil separator (plastic swirl pot mounted on left rear of engine) becomes overwhelmed and sends the excess oil into the intake. The oil separator acts as a complex PVC valve it seems.Well, later in the day when I was really on it I suddenly got big clouds of smoke out the back of the car. Black flagged, pulled into the pit and oil everwhere. Was able to limp home adding oil along the way. Inspected the back of the engine where the oil separator is (hard to see) expecting broken hose, etc. To my surprise I found one of the plastic cam tower plugs missing. There are 6 on the car at the ends of the heads. Looking in my factory manual it seems they are simply pushed in, no positive retaining or glue even! Talk about cheap. Easy to fix yes, but does not solve the root of the problem. I think what happened was that the oil separator became filled with oil and thus blocked, this built pressure in the case and the plug blew out. I can replace the plug but given my experience / driving style (why take a Porsche to the track you have to baby?) I think the problem will occur again. Of course there is still the problem with the smoke/oil ingestion, that cant be good for the cats.Have you heard/know of an aftermarket fix? I am considering removing all my just installed upgrades and getting a 993. But, the car handled great.On another but related subject. I had written to you a couple of years ago concerning the 99 996 oil pickup problem and the Porsche Motorsports kit that modified the right cam cover to add a second pickup (however all the kits are sold). While looking through my manual I noticed the 99-01 x51 power kit details for the 3.4. I was finally able to determine what was changed. As part of the kit, the right oil (single) scavenge pump was replaced by a dual pump. A line was run from the new pump to the front of the cam cover where a hole was machined for a pickup. This was to solve the left turn while braking/oil starvation problem. If I keep the 996 I am going to investigate buying the special oil pump and machine the cover, I will yet you know if I proceed. FYI, the Scott S oil baffle removal will not solve this problem. I would consider his mod but I need more technical details and before/after oil pressure readings, etc than simply following blindly and removing a possible critical factory part. Another option is to add and a Accusump. Have you heard of anyone doing this and where to plumb it in?

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