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2002 996 Porsche Motor Sport oil separator article


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 47000;

Joel,Again, a submit problem, sorryI wrote you several days about my 02 996 oil separator issue and blowing seals. I came across this very interesting article on the Cayman owners web site. His problem parallels mine exactly (except for blown seals) and it was interesting how his problem got worst with R compound tires/suspension mods. I am now convinced there is nothing wrong with my car; the problem is that the stock oil separator simply wont handle the high rpms and g loading. His solution: To solve the problem he replaced the oil separator with a 2 chamber Porsche Motor Sport oil separator. (p/n 996 107 926 00) List price: $518Great news, I had no clue there was a Porsche Motor Sport upgrade. I am going to pursue this mod. The fact the author backs up the mod with verification testing is good engineering. One thing to note. I think there is confusion on this issue as to cause/effect on oil starvation and smoking. A previous post on 4/22 mentioned an improved oil baffle and smoking. While the oil baffle may help with the starvation problem it will not solve the oil smoking (in my opinion). The smoking is caused by oil ingestion into the intake caused by the oil separator becoming overwhelmed. Two very different problems with two different solutions. I suggest a clarification of this.I am going to investigate the Suncoast oil baffle mod, but I suspect the only solution is the right side oil pickup mod, with a two chamber scavenge pump. Porsche knows all about the oil starvation issues (again my opinion), as I am sure they encountered it in testing, that is why the x51 package had the mod and there was for a time a kit you could buy, too bad Porsche Motorsports sold out.

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