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2002 996 PSS9 adjustment

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C4S; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 60000;

Joel,I saw the question on how to adjust PSS9 shocks. The fronts are accessed from below, as you said. I don't really need a lift to get at them, but if it is jacked up and the wheel removed, it's easier to see what I'm doing.The rears are adjusted from the top of the shock inside the cockpit. My car has the Bose subwoofer in the rear, making access to the adjustment knobs a major PIA. I basically have to remove most of the interior trim aft of the front seats and then use a mirror and flashlight to get at the knobs. I decided to set it fairly firm and just go with it rather than adjusting for each track day and then reverting back to a softer street setting at the end of the day. I assume that if the questioner's car does not have the subwoofer assembly that his access might be simpler.Thanks for all you do for us!

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