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2002 996 RMS and oil consumption


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 7000;

I have encountered a RMS leak as well as excessive oil consumption. As noted, this is a low mileage, one owner 996 (although it served duty as a dealer demo for the first 500 miles). Lately, in addition to the occasional oil spot on the garage floor, the oil consumption has increased to a quart every 100 to 200 (that's right, hundred!) miles. It has always been thirsty for oil (quart every 500 to 1000 miles), but this recent increase in consumption is frieghtening. It is at a dealership shop now. They are replacing the RMS and replacing the synthetic Mobil 1 with a non-synthetic for 1000 miles. They contend that the oil consumption may be a result of oil seals failing to seat properly with the synthetic so they run regular oil for 1000 miles to see whether the seals seat properly. They claim to have had success with this approach in the past, so I'm inclined to go along. But it seems to me if the seals weren't properly seated this oil consumption problem would have been very bad from drive-off. Does this approach make sense? Have you ever heard of this before? Am I heading toward a new engine? If so, I may be heading toward a 993. We stretched to buy this car and can't afford large post-warranty expenses and the huge depreciation that likely will follow when word of these 996 problems get around. I DE an '84 Carrera with 107,000 miles that doesn't consume oil or leak.

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