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2002 996 TT, "pop" or "clunk" in front end

Suspension and Steering

Vehicle Information: Model: 2002 996 Twin Turbo; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 4250;

My 2002 996 TT was lowered by replacing stock springs with H & R springs by Midwest Eurosport, an outstanding firm that has been doing my Porsche work for years. (Brian and George Weathered) Although it may have started earlier, I have noticed since the lowering of the vehicle at approximately 3000 miles that when I am moving very slowly, approx. 5 mph to 15 mph and turn the wheels significantly (20 degrees or more) single or mulitple "pops" or "clunks" are heard in the front end. It seems to be on the left side, but neither I or the local Porsche mechanic can isolate it. I have had it in to the local Porsche dealer. The mechanic cannot identify the cause of the problem or any other problems with the front suspension. He replaced the stabilizer end-links and "lubricated" other parts of the suspension without any improvement. He suggested that the upper strut mounts and bearings be replaced, out of warranty, but could not be confident that this would solve the problem. I have talked with Brian Weathered by phone who suggested that it might be the CV joints "loading up." In all other respects the car handles normally at higher, and high, speeds. Two questions! 1. Any suggestions what the problem might be? 2. Do you feel this presents a safety problem, and would you have any concerns about running the car in a Porsche Club Drivers Education event at Road America on Labor Day Weekend?It would be appreciated if you could answer before Monday, Aug. 29, as I am taking the car to Midwest Eurosport on that day. Perhaps your wisdom (wisdom = education + experience) could be of help to Brian in diagnosing the problem.Thanks in advance for your advice and comments. You have always been "right on" in the past.

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