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2002 996 Upgrades (downgrades?)


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 0;

I am considering building a 2002 C2 Coupe for track and autocross use. My life would be much simpler if the GT3 was available here, but it is not. I am planning on modfiying the engine with a chip, headers, exhaust and intake, installing H&R coil overs, cup adjustable sway bars, maybe EVO brakes, GT3 seats, full cage, etc. My questions is concerning the body. I plan to order the 'flared rocker panel' option, but I am not fond of the new tail wing. There seems to be some debate as to whether the 'old' 996 tail and wing will fit. Can you offer any insight into that? Secondly, I would love to install the GT3 Cup wing off the 2002. Where could I procure one of these and would it fit or require major mods? I emailed PMNA about it, but they did not respond. Anxiously awaiting your reply.

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