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2002 996tt Higher Octane Gas Experience

Fuel System

Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Engine (Size, Modifications): 3.6 liter; Total Mileage: 3,500;

Some information for the group, then a question. Last week I took my 2002 996TT to a Union 76 station in San Jose that I found on their Web site that sells 100 octane competition gas. I put half a tank of it into the remaining 91 octane. According to a handy chart on the site, it gave me an approximate octane of 95.5. I then went on a pretty hard drive on some twisty mountain roads in the area. I did notice some subtle performance differences. Mostly, the computer seemed to activate the turbos sooner than before, and the boost seemed to rise higher, and more agressively than before. Like I said, it was pretty subtle, and I'm not sure it's worth the $4.49.9/gal price. The question: Although, I'm note sure I want to spring for the price that a full tank would cost, can the car handle a full tank of the 100 octane stuff?

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