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2002 996tt short shift kit feedback

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Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe;

Some feedback re the short shift kit issue described in the question and answer below; don't know if this is worth sharing. I had a B&M short shifter installed in my '02 Turbo about six months ago. I'm told it is very much like the unit Porsche now offers. I, too, initially encountered what I felt was more resistance when shifting than I had imagined would be the case. Over time, however, the shifts have become easier, so I would definitely say give the unit some time to break in. I had read your postings beforehand and therefore was not surprised that the actual gear engagement was no quicker, but I found the engagement action to be more positive than stock. There was more certainty, for example, in engaging first gear - the lever was either full in, or full out, whereas on a lazy occasion or two the stock linkage had left me half way there. I, too, find the 2 - 3 shift the least precise, but actually think the stock shifter is worse in this regard, sometimes leaving me with the sensation that I was stirring a bowl of soup with a long-handled spoon while looking for third gear. The solution, I found, is simple: don't rush that shift, in particular. With a bit of practice, and after it loosens up, I think the short shift kit allows you to change gears more consistently quickly, without beating up the gearbox. It's fast enough so that I don't come off boost, which is all that really matters, isn't it?

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