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2002 996tt Starting Delay

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: 911 Turbo; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 43411;

When I depress the clutch and turn the key to start, sometimes nothing happens. If I pull the key out, re-insert the key, and turn to the "On" position, the diagnostic lights illuminate immediately but the volt meter stays at 0 for about 1 second. After about 1 second, the volt meter swings up to 12 volts or so and the car starts fine. It doesn't start hard and there seems to be plenty of power. I watch the volt meter and it drops to about 8 or 9 volts until the engine catches (which it does immediately). The volt meter registers about 12 or 13 volts while the car is running. Battery tester says the battery is fine. I drive the car once or twice a week and use a battery tender to maintain the battery. Is this a relay or connection problem of some sort, or a battery problem?As a follow up, would this have anything to do with a new alternator? I had the alternator replaced a few months ago and I think this has been going on since then. I was having some starting problems that I thought were related to infrequent driving so I got the battery tender. That didn't solve the problem so I started watching the volt meter and noticed that there might be this delay. The car was in warranty when the alternator was replaced but is out of warranty now so if there is a chance the problems are related maybe I can get some relief.

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