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2002 Boxster engine sound, hum or resonance


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002;

I have a 2002 Boxster that runs beautifully but has one peculiarity: an engine noise that kicks in around 2,500 RPM. It's a low-frequency hum or resonance that makes you suspect a vibration in the engine, but you can't feel any vibrations in the car. (For example, you feel nothing in the steering wheel.) The dealer from whom I bought the car suspected the wiring harness as a potential source, but rearranging the harness made no difference. Then one of the mechanics at the dealer came up with the idea that the sound might be related to the Variocam mechanism, which, according to his tech manual, kicks in around 2,500 RPM. (I think he said Variocam, but it might have been Varioram.) So his conclusion was that there's nothing to be done. What do you think about his diagnosis? Do you agree that there's nothing to be done?

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