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2002 Boxster S Suddenly no clutch

  • 2002
  • Boxster S
90 000
Post Falls, 


  Driving around town, as I began starting forward from a stop, there suddenly was no engagement with the transmission.  I did hear a very slight sound like a bolt falling off, but really nothing to indicate a driveline problem.  I got out and pushed to a safe parking.  With the engine running I engaged the clutch and it felt normal in all respects.  I shifted in to every gear and when letting out the clutch - silence; nothing. No sound or any indication of any engagement.  Had the car towed home.  In the garage with the engine running, only in third gear could I hear anything turning when engaging the clutch. 

  Could it be something that silently and suddenly failed internal to the transmission?

  I am completely baffled!

FYI:  2002 Boxster S
        ~90,000 Miles
        Complete Clutch replacement kit at 70,000 mile
        Flywheel replaced at 70,000 miles
        No leaks from engine or transmission.  CV Boot on right side needs replacement.

  Any ideas to diagnose this or just pull the transmission and go from there.  I would like to know ahead of time what the most likely culprit could be for planning purposes.

Thank you for any time and attention to this.


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