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2002 C2 Rotors and Calipers


Model: 996, Year:2002, Mileage:40000, Type of use:Both Street & Track
I am having the same problem it seems everyone has with their track-used 996 C2 (I do about 15-20 events/20-25 days a year) - the brakes are generally too small for the track and the OEM rotors do not last very long before there is rampant spider cracking. I recently saw that GiroDisc has slotted rotors for the C2 - have you heard anything about these? Would it be worth the expense to upgrade (their website says $1,100 for fronts and $1,100 for rears). Since these are 2-piece I would assume the subsequent rotor replacements would be less but I did not see a price for just the rotors sans hats. Also, if I do take this route I was considering just doing the fronts - do you think that would cause a balance issue since the GiroDisc rotors are slightly larger?Finally, I know to go to the turbo setup a lot needs to be done including uprights, master cylinder, etc. What about 997 "S" calipers and rotors? Do these bolt on or would I be going down the same path as the turbo upgrade?

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