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2002 Carrera C2 Track seats and harness question


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera C2; Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 30,000;

I'm just finishing up my second season of DE and autocross, and am contemplating having a qualified race prep shop install track seats, harnesses, and a roll bar (not a bracket or a cage) in my car, which is otherwise completely stock, including the Porsche approved, "N"-designated tires. I continue to drive this car a fair amount on the street, and don't want to turn it into a total track car. I've read you other posts about various issues related to wiring hook-ups in the stock seats and seat belts, weight-sensors and airbags, heated seats, etc. Assuming that the shop installs all of the above-mentioned equipment properly, are there any otherwise non-obvious airbag, warning light, safety, or street-legal issues that such modifications might present, and that I might stumble into only after I've installed this equipment? I don't want to find out, after having a shop install all of this stuff, is that I've modified my car right out of its street-legal status, or am prohibited from regular street driving. (In this regard, I presumably will still need to keep my stock seatbelts installed, correct?). Nor do I want to spend several thousand additional dollars to perform supplemental but unexpected modifications to maintain the street-legality of my car. I've considered Sabelt or Schroth 5 or 6-point harnesses, and maybe GT3 seats (my thinking here is that if Porsche has designed a seat it believes will work with its track cars, they've probably thought through all of the technical issues and problems that might come up). Any thoughts or recommendations?

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