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2002 Smoking 996 with burbling & more


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 4400;

Hi, I just got a new 911 this spring, 2002. I had a 1989 944Turbo before. I do love the car but is has caused me some stress when it has blown out some serious smoke upon starting a number of times. It happened first the first few weeks I had it. I started it and it kinda started as though it had lots of gas. It kinda jumped to life and at the same time it blew out enough smoke to knock out the mosquito population for a square mile. I called two dealers to check it out. I brought it in and they hooked it up and said it had no computer faults. It happened again a few weeks later and it was again major smoke. It looked as thought it was on fire. It burbled a lot this time and would not run, like it was on 2 cylinders, then it cleared out and it ran strong all the way home. I called that in too. Recently it blew out a decent amount of smoke on startup. I clouded the driveway. I think it seems strange for a new car. It now has 4400 miles and it runs good but I'm afraid is has a sticky valve or a fuel problem or who knows. I can picture it now, in a couple of years when I go to sell it the potential buyer will get to witness its smoking fit and I will be stuck with this car forever. I did all the proper break-in stuff. This is not giving me confidence in the life of this car. Let me know if you have any ideas. The dealer said that there were some mapping recalls but he said my car was not in the recall. Thanks, Kurt Scrudato

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