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2002 Twin Turbo exhaust systems


Vehicle Information: Year: 2002; Engine (Size, Modifications): standard turbo; Total Mileage: 3700;

I have been considering an aftermarket exhaust system, to gain a bit of power and to improve the exhaust note a bit without it becoming overly intrusive. I have inquired about systems from Cargraphic, Ruf and Fabspeed, all of which claim roughly similar horsepower gains. According to published and/or website information, all systems use German 100 cell racing cats instead of the 400 cell cats of the standard system. I have been told by my Porsche dealer service manager, however, that the Cargraphic system, which he favors, now uses 200 cell cats because of problems with the engine management system ("Check Engine" light activating) associated with the lower hear downstream of the 100 cell cats. I can't get directly to Cargraphic to inquire further, so have at this point taken the dealer at his word. Ruf says they use the 100 cell cats and have experienced no engine management issues. I'm waiting to hear from Fabspeed. Also, Fabspeed and Cargraphic both recommend installation of a less restrictive air filter in conjunction with their reespective exhaust systems; I'm waiting to hear from Ruf. Can you shed any light on the following questions: (1) is the concurrent air filter modification essential or at least desireable; (2) which of these three systems might be the best in terms of compatibility/driveability; (3) which will in fact produce the claimed power gains; and (4) which might be regarded as having unacceptable noise characteristics, particularly at cruise? I guess, finally, I wouldn't mind your commenting generally on whether this is worth considering in the first place. My dealer talked me out of waiting for an X-50 delivery, which he said was a lot of money for a power increase I would rarely experience. Is this going hopelessly against the grain of the advice I took earlier?

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