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2003 4S Spare Tire Options

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Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera 4S; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 41,000;

I am interested in a more durable spare tire than the DIY inflatomatic that comes with the 4S. I checked the Tech Q&A archives and this question does not seem to have come up. Bruce Anderson wrote about spare tire options for non-4S 997's in Tech Notes column in the May 2008 Excellence, but still the emphasis was on a "local" spare. IIRC, he mentioned that at one time when Turbos carried spares the recommendation, in case of a rear flat, was to move a front wheel to the back, and put the spare on the front. For long trips -- 100 miles plus or from one coast to another -- I was wondering whether it made sense (other than financial) to buy the luggage rack, a wheel sized to fit the front and a bi-directional tire (such as the Bridgestone RE050). The idea being, if you road-hazard a tire, you can put on this "real" spare, put the filthy road wheel on the luggage rack instead of in your passenger's lap, call Tire Rack on your cell to have a tire or tires delivered to your destination, then continue on your way at highway speeds. Is this feasible-practical-desirable? Would it be "better" to lug two (one front, one rear) full size spares on the roof? Im willing to do it -- think of it as Paris-Dakar chic. (You could probably put two on the roof Im guessing the combined two wheels/tires would probably weigh less than the 75 kilo max load for the roof.)If going with just one front tire as a spare, my concern is the spacer the manual talks about -- keep it when using the inflatable spare on the front, but not when using the spare on the rear. What do I do if mounting a spare front wheel & tire on the rear?This whole spare tire idea may seem to be overkill or overconcern, but I don't think I could enjoy a long road trip knowing one nail could put an end to it.Any comments or cautions will be gratefully received.

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