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2003 996 Brakes Warranty issue


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 9500;

I've owned my '03 996 new since end of Oct 2004. It now has 9500 miles on it and has done about 6 days of track time and several autocrosses on it.It has GT3 seats, a roll bar, harnesses, fire extinguisher and Sport Cup track tires on it.The brake pedal is not firm like it was when I got it new, or like I recall any other 911 or Boxster I have driven. It feels like the brake fluid has some air bubbles in it. Once I get past the squishiness the car stops fast and hard as normal.So I went to my dealer and asked them to fix it. Their reply was that I would have to pay for it since I drive my car differently that the warranty expects. Obviously the tires and seats and roll bar etc has let them know I track the car. I think if these items were not in the car, they would have done the work.To me this is unfair. It's a Porsche! It's mean to be driven hard. I'm sorry its not just a status symbol for me and I actually drive it.Then when I told them I would pay for it, but they had to put DOT 5 or ATE Super Blue fluid in, they said it would void my warranty on the brakes.Needless to say, will changing the brake fluid void my brake system warranty? Should they do the job for free in the first place?Thanks.

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