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2003 996 C4S Feedback previous question


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 2000;

Another person asked the following question that sounds like something similar that I ran acoss with my C4S:"I bought a certified 911 in mid Oct. with 5100 miles. I have put on about 2000 miles since then. I recently checked the oil and added a quart (I know that this is normal). When adding the oil, there was a oily type substance on both the oil cap and at the top of the fill area. It was a light brown color with a gel-like consistency. A friend thought that it could have been from water."I read your response in which you advised him to report this to the dealer.My C4S also had a "similar looking" substance inside the filler tube when I added oil for the first time. It looked like the consistesncy of a milkshake and was a brownish-yellow consistency. I called the dealer about this and they said is was just condensation and nothing to worry about. Does this make sense to you?Thanks

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