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2003 996 C4S Unusual tire wear REVISED (re: rain/highway)

Wheels and Tires

Vehicle Information: Model: C4S; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 19,400;

I have been running stock size Pirelli Asimmetrico tires. I have done 4 track days on these tires. On each of these days I observed similar tire wear conditions. The rear tires wore very evenly across the tread with total wear each day being fairly minimal. The front tires have had far more wear in the center of the tread than they did on the outside or inside of the tread. On the first 2 track days, I ran 38psi front and 46psi rear (I believe Porsche recommends 36psi and 44psi respectively). On the next 2 track days I ran 36psi front and 46psi rear in hopes of reducing the center wear on the front tires. This did not seem to make a difference.Temperatures on these track days ranged from approximately 45-65 degrees F. For the most part, my driving was smooth with little to no sideways sliding of the car. Understeer was seen more than oversteer. On the 4th track day, the front tires were worn to the point that front grip was dramatically reduced thus creating far more slipping and even more center wear. All 4 tires had approximately 1/3 of their tread left before the 1st track day.Normally I would expect excessive center wear from too high a tire pressure, but given that I was only 2psi over recommended for 2 days, then at recommended pressure the other two days, I am surprised at this wear pattern. What should I do in the future to fix this?

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