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2003 996 car radio

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Vehicle Information: Model: 996 ; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 37000;

I'm interested in listening to MP3 music while driving. A local custom car audio shop says they have a way to add an aux in plug to my CDR 23 radio. When trying to install the plug, he said the CDR 23 was missing an aux socket and he was not able to be programmed to accept a plug. The shop owner said there is a US version of the CDR 23 and an European version. He thinks the radios were swapped out by the prior owner (maybe it was warranty work).Since I'd really to have MP3 music, I was thinking that I could purchase a European CDR23. The shop owner suggested that I look at the CDR 220 or 24 instead.Upon reflection, the shop owner's story does not feel right. I'd like to confirm that there are two versions of the CDR 23, and whether a CDR 220 or 24 would be appropriate for my '03 996.Thank you,Michael

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