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2003 996 front rotor specs.


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 11,800;

What are the factory thickness specs. for new front rotors and what is the factory replacement recomendation? I ask because after 8,000 miles I went to my second Driver Education course and the front rotors warped. No I did not set the parking brake. Our Porsche dealer cut the rotors and they ran fine. At 9,000 miles I went to another DE and they warped again. Again the dealer cut them down to take out the warp. I asked how much they removed but did not get an answer. I'm guessing they are right at their lower limit but don't know what it is. This will come up as a warranty issue and I'm just getting prepared. My guess is I got a pair of defective rotors to begin. This is my 8th Porsche, they have all been tracked and this is the first warped rotor issue I've ever had; other than my abuse, wrong pads or doing something stupid.Thanks

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