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2003 996 Frozen C4S brake/rotors


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 125;

Storing my brand new C4S over the last week resulted in both front brakes rusting to the rotors. Two dealers advised me just to drive the car to break the pads loose from the rotors. It worked to release the pads from the rotors (after driving approximately 50 feet) but I stopped several times during the process when I detected a burning odor (probably clutch slipping and/or non-rotating tire?). As a result of this highly unpleasant (and disappointing) experience I now have a few questions:1) In the future, what should I do if this problem occurs again? 2) By the time you smell the clutch burning, is it already too late? 3) Do you think I did much damage to the clutch, and how could I tell if I did? 4) My position on this is that if the clutch is badly worn from this event, Porsche should cover it under warranty as any excessive wear would be a consequence of following dealer advice to try to remedy a problem which shouldn't occur on any well designed car (never occurred on any othercar I have ever owned) in the first place. Do you think Porsche would agree?Thanks for your comments,

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