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2003 996 High mileage '03 smoking on cold start


Vehicle Information: Model: 911 C4S; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 73750;

My '03 996 C4S has 73,750 miles on it. I have owned it for about 2k miles. Recently replaced all of the coils as the plastic housings were cracking and two had shorted out. New battery too.1k miles after the coils and oil change and now I am getting the same smoke on cold start-up that others have mentioned with NEW 996 engines. Smoke goes away after 20 seconds and only re-appears under cold start conditions. No smoke while driving and no apparent oil consumption. The smoke comes from BOTH exhaust pipes, though more predominantly from the driver side exhaust. Drivability and performance seem un-affected.Today the check engine light came on, steady. I will take the car in ASAP for a diagnosis. Any ideas as to what I should expect or ask?Thanks!Geoff

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