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2003 996 new engine smoking / stalling (continued)


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 8000;

Hi Joel, Thanks very much for your response - you hit the nail on the head! I drained out the heavy oil, (yes it was 15W-50 [3 qrts], and 10W-30 [6 qtrs]), changed the filter, and put in fresh room temperature 0W-40 Mobile-1. It turned over easy, caught immediately, smoked a bit as the lifters pressurized and the remaining thick oil burned off, then she ran like a dream! The 10W-30 is an approved Winter weight, according to my owners manual, and the 15W-50 is an approved Summer weight, also listed in manual. Since it was not quite Winter and not quite Summer, mixing weights (as you stated in your earlier response) seemed logical. The manual even says 'all current oils are compatible with each other'. I can only imagine that it was the combination of the difference in makes (Syntec & mobile1), the tight tolerances on a new engine, and cold morning that did it. Regarding the battery, yes - got the trickle charger last winter after learning what a massive need for power the car's electronics have. (Also had to top off with distilled water after the recharge.)Thanks again for your help and Best regards!

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