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2003 Boxster engine washdown


Vehicle Information: Year: 03; Engine (type, size, modifications): stock; Total Mileage: 15083; Transmission: Manual;

I started my car after it sat for a couple of days When it started it shook and the engine was clacking as if it had no oil. I shut if off. the next morning I tried to start it and it cranked very quickly as if there was no compression. Brought to dealer they said it sounded like a broken intermediate shaft and might need a new engine (I asked a question here a couple of days ago about a remanufacture which you answered -Thank you) So I called the dealer today my car is all set They said I flooded the engine and the cylinders washed down ? The car would not start for them when I brought the car in - no compression They removed the plugs - oil filter -cam cover ends put it back together Runs good - any ideas of what the heck is going on? also I do not step on the gas pedal when starting and this was the first start after a couple of days Thanks I don't understand Total Mileage: 15083City/State: Troy, NY

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