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2003 C4S Battery Drain

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: C4S; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 32900;

Just took delivery of a 2003 C4S today. I bought it in Texas from a leasing company. They had a Porsche dealership replace the battery with an OEM unit. The C4S was transported via truck to me in Idaho. The driver told me the new battery was dead when he picked it up in Dallas and it was dead when he arrived in Idaho this morning. The car is under warranty until January of 2007. I plan on driving it once or twice a week, so it will be sitting the rest of the time. The closest dealership is 250 miles away, until the Spokane dealership finishes building their store.Do you think there is something wrong? In previous columns you mentioned putting an ammeter in series to measure draw. Could you give some very basic instructions on how to do this. I disconnected the light in the trunk. Is there anything else I can disconnect which may be draining the battery, such as the alarm? If so, how do I identify which fuse to pull? When the battery is dead, is there a mechanical release for the trunk, so I can get accesss to the battery? The truck driver put a battery tender in the lighter outlet. Is my fuel gage accuate since the battery went dead? Would a simple trickle charger solve my problems and do you think I ought to buy a portable battery tender/jumper and carry it with me, but not in the trunk if I need battery power to get to it? If the electrical system is functioning normally how long will it take for a to drain the battery of a parked C4S?One more question: I went into the DMV office today to get the license plates and left my 63 lb dog in the car. I turned the key on the door to the right, setting the alarm, I think. The red diode on the dash was blinking. After I came out of the DMV the horn was beeping and the lights were flashing, but no one was breaking into the car. The only way I could stop the racket was to put the key into the ignition and turn it to the right. Did the dog in the car cause this or do I have an electrical problem or maybe I just do not underdstand the alarm system. The car did not come with a manual. I have a manual on order from Brumo's and promise to read it as soon as it comes, but the alarm has me confused a little. Thanks for your help and please excuse my long winded question.

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