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2003 C4S battery drain

Electrical and Electronic

Vehicle Information: Model: C4S; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 32,900;

Joel,I checked the water and charged the battery. While I was disconnecting the charger I noticed three diode lights illuminated coming from a box mounted next to the battery. The box had a label: Geo Tracer and it was connected to the battery. I pulled the unit out of the car as well off the battery. There also was a GPS antenna. Could this have been the source or a contributing source to the battery drain problem?I bought a cheap ammeter from Radio Shack ($20) and battery voltage was 12.79 volts, but could not get any reading for milliamps (i.e. the meter does not work or there was operator induced error or there was no draw or the draw was so high it was above the 200 milliamp capability of the meter). I guy I know has an expensive tester and we put it on the battery in series as instructed and it read 1 amp (i.e. 1000 milliamps?). This was right after the car was shutdown, so lots of things were still on inside the car, but this seemed like a lot, so I wanted to test his unit on something which I knew what the exact draw should be. So I put the tester on the trunk light to see what it showed. This was not such a good idea, because I blew a fuse which left me a little unnerved until I figured out it was just a fuse (the windows stopped working and it was starting to rain, this is why I got a little flustered).In any event, I will be out of town for a week, so I will turn the car off, but not lock it and see if the battery is dead in one week. If it is I'll take it over to Seattle to the dealership. I sort of think it will be alright because I bet the car hauler who had problems with the battery left the key in the ignition, which may have kept on more electrical items than if the key were removed from the ignition. Is this correct, that if you leave the key in the ignition, in the off position, there is a larger electrical draw than if the key is removed?I also bought a battery booster pac with a cigareete light adapter and put it in the back seat, just in case. I can see the emergency trnk release cable coming off the right side (pax side) of the trunk latch. I think it terminated just behind the right headlight, but cannot figure out to gain access to it without removing portions of the right hand wheel well. It would be difficult to remove the forward section ofthe wheel well without first removing the front right hand tire. There is not enough room between the front bumper and the ground to get my head under the front of the car to take a look around and I could not feel anything with my hand. In the wheel well I could not find any openings to put my hand in to feel for the emergency trunk release cable. What is the secret to finding this cable? I can see myself diconnecting the battery and shutting the hood, which would necessitate using this cable.Thanks for your help. Does the PCA have owner maintenance clinics?Billperhaps, the World's Most Ignorant Porsche Owner

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