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2003 C4S Oil Pressure Light & Loss of Engine Power


Vehicle Information: Model: Carrera 4S; Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 41,000;

Joel:I checked the archives and didn't find anything on my question.I was driving a twisty section of up & down two-lane through the Blue Ridge Mountains when a warning light of the dashboard flashed (on for a second or less), accompanied by a similarly brief loss of engine power. Rather than doing the smart thing and pulling over to see what light flashed, I casually assumed it was the PSM system kicking in. It happened a total of maybe three times, and I think it was when the car cresting a rise while going left. But I'm sure it didn't happen when the car was bottoming out and going right. Once I was out of the twisties, the incident never repeated.Thoughts?

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