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2003 X50 Turbo vs new GT3


Vehicle Information: Year: 2003; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 0;

Would you recommend my ordering a new 996 C2 with X-51, or new Turbo with X-50? The obvious answer would be the Turbo, but I keep reading about the extra weight of the Turbo, over/under steer issues on corners (specifically, I hear it is easier to control over/under steer in two-wheel drive over all-wheel drive), loss of horsepower with all-wheel drive (I have heard there is a loss of about 25 hp in all-wheel drive), and, maybe most significantly, the GT2 is two-wheel drive (I'm assuming there's a pretty good reason for Porsche's top sportscar being two-wheel drive). Oh, not to mention double the cost. Factoring all of these considerations, is the performance in a Turbo X-50 package that much greater than a C2 with X-51 option that justifies double the cost (I realize the cost issue is subjective, but I'd like your personal opinion anyway)? If you had to choose between a 2003 996 Turbo with X50 option (450 hp) and a 2003 GT3 (380 hp), which would you choose and why? I most interested in your opinions relating to two-wheel vs. four-wheel driving performance (in flat, dry conditions) during cornering, off-the-line performance, and high-speed highway performance. I'm trying to gather as much info. as possible for my next vehicle.

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