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2004 40th 996 0-40 oil vs 15-50 Mobil 1 or other


Vehicle Information: Model: 40th 996; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 3700;

Question/Observation regarding oil recommendations for the 996's.0-40 is a quest/result for Porsche looking for a global oil specification, i.e. no special climate formulations to consider - 0-40 will do it all, for all climates. This is not a bad quest, and takes a lot of guesswork out of correct lubrication for a high spec engine. Yet we see in the 2004 owner's manual that 15-50 is suitable for ambient temperatures of 50F or above.Let's also consider that emissions results can rely greatly on the engine oil formulation - as phosphorous and other oil additives can manifest themselves in the exhaust as undesirable substances. Another reason why 0-40 may be the preferred oil of choice ex factory.You can probably assume that I use 15-50 M1 in our car, yet it is in storage for November through April due to the brisk weather in the midwest.Even when the weather is around 40F, the car makes no valve/lifter noises, and pulls just like it did the day it came home - filled with 0-40 ex factory. In addition, the specified pour points for both formulations are pretty close at subzero temperatures - maybe 10 degrees apart if I recall correctly.I guess that I am leery of the seeming lemming mentality regarding 0-40, when given the opportunity to use 15-50 at 50F or above. The owner's handbook even suggests 20-50 for regular mineral oil at 50F or above.......which suggests this viscosity issue is not quite the lifter critical topic that we seem to be concerned about.50F seems to be the objective determining factor in the decision to use 0-40 vs. 15-50M1.Didn't mean to upset anyone, but I have asked the same question for a long time too.

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