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2004 996 batt life

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Vehicle Information: Model: 40th anniversary 911/996; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 10,300;

About a month ago my battery died to the point it couldn't crank the engine- dash lights, clicking, etc, but no crank at all. I jumped it with our other vehicle then bought and put into use a Porsche batt maintainer that day. A couple weeks later it started just fine and was driven 3 days in a row without problems. Another two weeks pass and this morning it had almost no charge at all- probably barely enough to keep the clock and alarm going. I was sold the older model Charge-O-Mat (with the big cube plug transformer- didn't know the diff at the time) and the instructions say that when the battery is fully charged the red LED will go out. In a month the light has NEVER gone out. The car is driven sporadically but spiritedly, with the occasional DE. Is it normal for a car like this to need a new battery in 10k miles/less than 2.5 yrs? Our Toyota pickup goes through a batt about every 50k/6yrs. Did the dealer sell me a defective charger? Thanks

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