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2004 996 - C4S Technical things


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 - C4S; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 3800;

Some questions:A stone is ingrained within my windshield cracked about dime sized, from freeway driving. Had it evaluated, and plan to replace the entire windshield with a factory one. Are there any things I should be aware of?My brakes still squeel intermittently, and have done so since brand new. Service has told me to brake with panic stops a few times. I've done that, maybe not properly, but I don't see why I would even need to do that with a brand new car. Any recommendations?The remote to lock/unlock the doors doesn't do just that sometimes. I have to keep pressing the button many times to get it to work. Service checked the remote and said it's fine, but it still happens, what should I do?On the matter of proper clutch use without wearing it, upon release, is it ok to feel sort of a vibratory tension? Is that the feeling of burning the clutch in anyway? Should I strive to avoid that in my shifting? The reason I ask is b/c the shifting is smoother when I do release the clutch slow and feel that tension on the foot. Please help.Thanks a lot!!Region: Forest HillsTotal Mileage: 3800Car Use: Street use only

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