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2004 996 correction/update to last questions


Vehicle Information: Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 613;

A question about the auto up/down feature of the power windows. Mine do not go down after releasing the switch, and only go up if the switch is released if the switch was pressed with the window partway open. If the window is fully open when the switch is pressed, it does not continue up after releasing the switch. Did I miss some subtlety of operation?____ second question/followup submitted:Sorry, figured out the power window thing. Touch the switch very briefly in either direction, it's full auto. hold the switch for any length of time, it's manual. Confused me because it was the opposite in my BMW.____On the oil pressure, I did not check the oil when I got it at the dealer with 100 miles on the car. At 600 miles, the dipstick and dash agree at operating temp that the oil is full. Could I have an overfilling issue?City: PortlandState: ORCar Prep: StockTotal Mileage: 600Car Use: Street use only

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