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2004 996 Dash rattles


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 Carerra; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 33,150;

The dash rattle issue continues. Briefly to recap, my car has had a series of dash rattles that developed shortly after I bought it in April 2004. The dealership has had the car in ten times trying to find and fix the rattles. The most recent fix was last week and involved a technical manager from PCNA. The manager met me at work and we went for a drive. The dash rattles presented themselves. He recommended a windshield replacement along with all of the gaskets and seals. After nearly a week in the shop, I got the car back this week. I drove it to work two days and now all of the rattles are back. Yesterday, on my commute home, it rained. At one point, when it wasn't raining, but the windshield was wet, I hit a rough section of city street. Though it wasn't raining, the windshield and dash sounded like I was in a downpour. There was so much noise that I immedicately called the dealership and asked what I should do. I was worried that something serious had gone wrong. They are trying to reach PCNA. I drove home. It doesn't appear that the windshield is going to come loose. My car has been in the shop perhaps 25 days in less that the two years I have owned if for this problem - more days for other matters that were fixed. When I get to speak to PCNA again, I want to tell them (again) that I want my car repaired once and for all. This is my fourth Porsche, my first new one and this is likely the only new Porsche I will be able to purchase. I thoroughly enjoying driving this car but now it sits in the garage and I drive it only to work. After five attempts at repair I was frustrated. Now after ten attempts, I am not convinced that my car is repairable. I don't know what the solution is. The value of the car is diminished considerably because of this problem. My 2004 996 is exactly the car I have always wanted but the first two years of ownership have been a disaster. I hope PCNA and the dealership can fix my car. Thanks!

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