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2004 996 Engine misfire on most cylinders


Vehicle Information: Model: 996 C2 (40th anniversary); Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 31,500;

Hi Joel,I've searched for "misfire" in this and the Boxster sections and think I may have a new one for you. At any rate, thanks for your tireless attention to this community's questions.My engine (X51) was replaced under warranty (IMS failure) about 1,300 miles ago and has run flawlessly. Today I drove it for about 30 minutes in stop-and-go traffic and parked it. Three hours later, I restarted it, and the CEL illuminated immediately (steady, not flashing). It ran fine, so I drove it home and plugged in my Durametric diagnostic tool, which returned the following DTCs:P0300 (Porsche fault code 507) - misfire detection.P0301 - misfire cylinder 1.P0304 - misfire cylinder 4.P0305 - misfire cylinder 5.P0302 - misfire cylinder 2.P0303 - misfire cylinder 3.Oddly enough, cylinder 6 didn't return a misfire code.Other info: fuel level was around the 15% mark, i.e., close to my "get gas" light coming on (I stopped for fuel on the way home). Air temperature was 62 degrees F.Since almost all cylinders returned DTCs, it would seem to be something on the intake, perhaps a vacuum leak. Trouble is, it runs fine. I'm tempted to reset the codes and try driving it, but I certainly don't want to jeopardize my new engine or my catalytic convertors.Thoughts?

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