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2004 996 GT3 Driver's education/car protection/tire pressure


Vehicle Information: Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 2000;

Before I attend my first drivers education for the new season I have a couple of questions.1)I have observed over the past two years of doing DE there are various methods people use to protect the front part of their cars from track debris. I have seen everything from clear plastic tape (I am assuming this is racers tape) to Porsche bras. Any thoughts from your experience of what is the best method to protect the paint work or is it even necessary?2)Everyone at the DE events has a different opinion on tire pressures. Some say raise, some profess to lowering them before going out. I am not looking for specific recommendation as every car and track situation is unique, but are there any general guidelines? I am running the stock Michelin Sport Pilots that came with the car.I thoroughly enjoy reading your technical advice.Thank you.

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