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2004 996 IMS Fail and Shaft damage

  • 2004
  • 911 Carrera
36 000
New Jersey

My gently used 36,000 mile 2004 996 started making a very unusual noise last week that made me think "bad gas".   I was low on fuel and went to a station, turned the car off and what I thought was RMS failed and an almost complete oil dump ensued.   The car was not started again.   A solid Porsche shop in the area has told me I have IMS failure and shaft damage, resulting in a need for an engine disassmbly and then subsequent addditional items that would be done while its apart. 

How can a vehicle with 36k have an IMS fail and shaft damage?  This falls into the "Unacceptable" catagory of behavior of this vehicle?   RMS and IMS is bad enough, but this is a catastrophic fail? 

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