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2004 996 Rough Idle; Update


Vehicle Information: Model: 996; Year: 2004; Body Type: Coupe; Total Mileage: 1935;

Update: I drove the car around town for a few hundred miles and then decided to make the trip to Seattle anyway (wife did not want to ride in Detroit barge). No issues on the trip. Went in for my appointment this AM with 1930 miles, they ran it hot, warm and cold, and there was no sign of the compensation they mentioned earlier. No CEL has appeared, so I guess I'll just forget about it. I did notice I had turned off the AC, which drops the idle speed by about 200 RPM, and it idles rougher at the slower speed. The operating temperature seems to have stabilized. Oddly enough, it's warmer here lately and the water temperature is lower. Regarding the bog, I haven't really flogged it that much recently, but perhaps it's just not "on the cam" at the bottom end of each gear. I have also been making sure to keep my foot far away from the gas when starting, I read somewhere that can mess up the idle.Original Post-------------------------------My car started idling a little bit roughly at 1100 miles. Other things I noticed were: 1)increasing operating temp from 185 to about 200-205 2) Bog going into 3rd gear from high RPM when driving hard. The dealer checked it on the computer and said that on one bank the engine was compensating for something, maybe unmetered air, i.e . an intake leak. They suggested that I drive it another few hundred miles and then bring it in, since it is still in the break-in period. I said I was planning to drive to Seattle and back early next week. They said that I should do that and bring it in with the additional miles. Any thoughts on whether that's really advisable? What do I do if I get a CEL halfway between Portland and Seattle? Should I putter around town instead for 300 miles?Total Mileage: 1250 Car Use: Street use onlyThere are too many different things that can light the Check Engine light. I would leave it in the garage, take another car to Seattle, and putter around town like you said. I am really curious to hear what they report when you bring it back in, if you don't mind.Joel Reiser - PCA WebSite - 1/20/2005

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